Be Patient


Please remember that I am in school. As you can see, I have not updated my blog in a bit. I have not forgotten ya'll. I have been traveling for the past two weeks so, I am a month behind. Check daily (hourly) as I have a lot to write before I forget.


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Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Hi, Brandon. This is my first visit to your blog, but let me just say that it feels good just to see a Black man's face in the media, talking about real life.

A couple of days ago, somebody told me that the "Godfather" had an all-white cast because it was about Italians. I told him I'd seen more Blacks when I was in Italy than I did in the "Godfather" movie or on "Friends," which is set in New York City. These are the resentments that I carry with me, I'm afraid to say. I HATE segregation of movie sets just as much as I HATE segregation of southern lunch counters and segregation of the toilets at train stations.

Meanwhile, please also have a look at "Do Women Have Hysterical Ovaries"? Do Blacks Have 'Race'?