Non sono bevuto!

I am not happy with myself after the gangster party. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I slept all the way through lunch. Melissa, Amber, Mark and Dan came by with bottles of water because they thought I had a hang-over. It really sucked because I was not the least bit drunk nor hung-over. I guess kids will be kids. Also, it was sort of sweet that they thought enough of me to get some bottles of water to help me out.

Not much happened this weekend. We spent most of the time preparing for the trip to Venice. There is still a lot to get together, but everything is set up for the most part. Though the purpose of heading north is to go to Venice, a number of the students are pre-occupied with their fall break plans. The internet has been bogged down because everyone wants to set up flights and hostels.


Due viaggi a Firenze

Today was a delayed trip to Firenze. Originally, the students had the option of taking an earlier train in order to see the local food market. However, it seems this train failed to exist. So everyone had to take the later train and that part of the trip was "omitted." However, to accommodate the students that really wanted to see the market, the group split. I hate it when the students split according to major (as I always have) because it seems that interesting things remain interesting no matter what your major is.

I remained with the group that traveled with Paolo. He took us in to a building that he lived in when he was young, but was also a museum. After spending some time here, we went into the Duomo and take a look at the interior. The students were mesmerized. It still holds a certain air of awe. We spent a great amount of time with our heads back gazing at the ceiling.

After lunch, we had a tour of the Uffizi galleries. We had a great guide and the information was VERY interesting, but we were pretty tired because of the vast number of stairs, lack of seating and the heat. Though we enjoyed the tour, we were fully prepared to leave.

A number of students had their hearts set on going into the Duomo. However, because of the split, all of the students did not get the opportunity. After a poll was taken, we found the students wanted to return to Firenze the next day. Paolo and I set things up and we shall return to Firenze tomorrow.

This mornings train ride went a lot better. We were only five minutes late, but we found Paolo quite easily. The first visit was to the Museo della'Opera del Duomo. I got to see two statues that changed my understanding of art. The first was Michelangelo's Pieta and the second was Donatello's Mary Magdalene. These pieces have stood out in my memory every time I think of my trip to Italy. After the museo, we entered to look at the ceiling of the baptistery. It was a simple tour (one room) but still amazing.

After the tours we broke for lunch and were left to climb the Duomo on our own. It was quite a trip. It is not until you are right next to the frescoes that you realize how graphic they are. After reaching the top, I was quite worn and ready to go down. We took a few pictures, and then we headed to the station. Today, we were anxious to return because there was a "Gangster Party" this evening. I suppose this was what they think of hip-hop music, but I will refrain from the social and political commentary at this time. Overall, I had a great time and that is really all that matters.


Brutta copia della Santa Chiara

Of all things, we were not prepared for a water shortage in the center. Did I say shortage? In actuality, the water was completly off in the center. When I say it sucked, I mean it REALLY sucked. We could not shower, bearly go to the bathroom and there was not much to drink. The students made due and "adjusted" to the changes. Photography had to be cancelled because of the lack of water, so I had company during my Tuesday ciesta. Melissa, Haley and I spent time at Hermes Cafe and did more talking.

At dinner, we were better off with a bottle of wine. After dinner, we learned that the water would be on the next day after returning from our field trip. Though we were not happy about it, it was still good news. We took it in stride.

Wedesday's trip to Firenze was a nice distraction from our lack of water. Peter also took me to pick up my computer from the doctor. The report said that I had a total of sixty or more viruses on my computer. But it is all better now, and I simply had to reinstall a number of my drivers.

Guillermo made his appearance right before dinner. I was nervous about his visit, but I was able to learn a lot about the things going on back in the states. After dinner, he spent a little time looking at some of the projects from last week. He was very impressed by the work that was done. At this point, my nerves were at ease.