Times up?

When I started this entry, I was done. Emotionally drained, I was ready to give up on ASE. It was her birthday and I hadn't heard from her all day. I left a message telling her to call me (I wanted to finalize some plans) and got no response. I went to Meshallyn's surprise party and it was all that I could think of. The situation soon became the center of our discussion.

On my drive home, I decided I was done. This blog was gonna be the announcement that I was going to be single from this point on. It was going to be my declaration that I have officially given up on love and the pursuit of happiness. It seems that whenever I hold back, things go my way. When I decide to take the plunge, somethings shows me that it is not the right time, person, place...

That was what this entry was about until I checked facebook. Now, I think I take it all back. Now, I am singing a new song (Mr. A to Z). At least for the time being. Did I act in haste. Did I let it get to me for no reason. Matters of the heart can really suck! Hopefully, I will go to sleep and things will be different tomorrow.

"El amor no es un sentimiento, es un habilidad."- Dan in Real Life (Marty Barasco)


Be like Blockbuster

Recently, I have had a few social setbacks. I attempted to become a hermit, only to be drawn out into the public eye once again. However, reality has shown me that be social can have its consequences on focus. Thus, I have been forced back into hiding once again.

To further put salt in the wound,
it seems like I may have been stood up this evening by ASE. My feelings are VERY hurt. Specifically, because I spent most of last evening telling my sister how excited I was about the whole week. I guess tonight is down the tubes, but hopefully this weekend (the last weekend out) will prove to be nice.

On the other hand,
Yesterday, I spent time with Giovanni, in quite the spur of spontaneity. We saw Seven Pounds at Northpark, then ate at Kona Grill and caught up on each other's lives. Hopefully, I have regained a friend.

As an avid movie watcher, I make very frequent visits to my local Blockbuster video. I must say, I wish more people were like Blockbuster employees. Awhile back, I made my first friend at Blockbuster, Vanessa. Though I think she is just a naturally friendly person, she always seems to make me feel welcome in her day- one obviously filled with numerous people coming and going. A very recent visit proved just how nice she can be because she showed concern about my recent injury and was delighted that my condition was improving.

I was taken aback during a previous visit to my local store. As I stood ready to check out, the cashier (not Vanessa) felt it imperative to share with me the changes in renting policy. Apparently, "No more late fees" has slightly been modified. Though she may have shared this with many people, I felt a bit more special because it seemed as though she was trying to ensure that I was not unknowingly taken advantage of.

Finally, I have found that the employees have been open and honest about the reviews of movies. As I pushed a copy of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" across the counter, the cashier (who shall remain nameless) commented that the movie was good, but a bit disappointing compared to the book. She may have been right. I didn't read the book, but the second installment of this movie was not as good as the first.

So why do I bring this up now. The way things have been going for me socially, I wish that some were more like the employees of Blockbuster:
  • Be a bit courteous when someone goes out of their way to include you in their plans (however slight the inclusion my be.)
  • Be honest about the way things are.
  • Show a bit of concern regarding others' enjoyment.
"I hope that you realize that any foolish passion for you on my part is entirely over. I am looking to the future."- North & South