Times up?

When I started this entry, I was done. Emotionally drained, I was ready to give up on ASE. It was her birthday and I hadn't heard from her all day. I left a message telling her to call me (I wanted to finalize some plans) and got no response. I went to Meshallyn's surprise party and it was all that I could think of. The situation soon became the center of our discussion.

On my drive home, I decided I was done. This blog was gonna be the announcement that I was going to be single from this point on. It was going to be my declaration that I have officially given up on love and the pursuit of happiness. It seems that whenever I hold back, things go my way. When I decide to take the plunge, somethings shows me that it is not the right time, person, place...

That was what this entry was about until I checked facebook. Now, I think I take it all back. Now, I am singing a new song (Mr. A to Z). At least for the time being. Did I act in haste. Did I let it get to me for no reason. Matters of the heart can really suck! Hopefully, I will go to sleep and things will be different tomorrow.

"El amor no es un sentimiento, es un habilidad."- Dan in Real Life (Marty Barasco)

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