Die Another Day

We spend a good part of our lives in preparation. Maybe we are saving money. Maybe its a New Year's resolution. Maybe we study for life changing tests. We spend a great deal of time trying to shape the outcome of our lives. Thus, if the plans we make don't come true, we die inside.

When plans fail, we hurt... we die. The setback is one that we feel we will never recover from. Yet, when we finally do, we start preparing for the next thing. The vicious cycle continues. Not only do we live these lives, but we pass this behaviour to our youth. Now we have 14 year old boys with addictions to Starbucks to do well on a test. We have 16 year old girls that fight tooth and nail to be on top. Then, when they meet their road block...

I am no saint I am guilty of the same. But I have come to a realization. No matter what distance I run, what test I take, what book I read... No matter whether I live or die. Life will still go on. There are going to be cloudy days, but there are going to be sunny ones as well. There will be warmth and there will be bitter cold. No matter what, I will endure through them all. Until death, I have no choice but to live on.

"We just might be okay, afterall. Sun gon' shine on this day."- Lupe Fiasco

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