The last days...

Time certainly has flown this week and I have done so much. I finalized all documents and payments for my trip (again). Hopefully this is the last time I have to think about that.

Yesterday I had TA orientation. It was actually better than I thought. I learned a few things about relating to my students. I guess the message of the entire orientation was "Do Not Sexually Harass" your students. They are trying to take the fun out of my entire trip...lol. I also spoke with Andrew, the TA in Italy this past spring. He was able to give me an updated version of what to expect. I was losing excitement for a bit, but now I am back to where I started.

The best part about right now is seeing my classmates. At orientation I saw Wong, Regina, Janelle, Matt, Jessica and Pam. Last night, Regina, Georgina, Mara and I went to dinner at La Bodega. We were catching up on the happenings in each of our lives. Then we moved on to Mad Hatters. We hung out on their breeezy patio and joked around. Since we are old, we got tired a little after midnight. Georgina and Regina went home and Mara and I went to another house party. We finally got in at about 3am. I haven't done that in sooo long.

It seems like my blogs are getting pretty dry right now. However, I know that things will be picked up really soon.


Italiano imparante!

Yesterday, morning started early... with a scare! I looked at my tuition statement and there was an outstanding balance. Even the guy from the office didn't understand how I could have a balance due, yet still receive a refund check. After a bit of confusion, we got it figured out. I simply have pay it off when the refund check posts in my account. I had to meet with Olga Catalena (Study Abroad Advisor) to ensure that I have the proper documents. After that, I thought I had a scheduled meeting with Guillermo, but I suppose I was mistaken. We talked briefly about his expectations of me during the semester, so it wasn't a complete waste of time (it is HOT here).

I got Mara's Italian CD's this weekend, but finally started listening to them yesterday. I have not made it past the first CD yet, but the language coming back to me slowly. I think Daniel was right and it will flow back to me without me being aware of it.

After the meetings were over, I spent another day with Schylr and Darlene. We got a tip from Arin about free dinner on campus and headed there before Schy had to go to work. I joined him during his shift and got addicted to a puzzle. He, on the other hand, is now addicted to blogging. Tomorrow is another day...



Buon giorno!

I told everyone that my page would be up by August 21. I am making good on my promise. Join me on my adventures as I literally live out a dream.

Though I am not it Italy yet, things are still happening. I leave the country August 29th. There may be a large break in my posting (a few days) but don't fret. I intend to fill everyone in. I will be posting as much as possible, as often as possible. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what is going on. Just because the comment does not appear on the page does not mean I didn't get it. ;)

Godere! [Enjoy!]