Italiano imparante!

Yesterday, morning started early... with a scare! I looked at my tuition statement and there was an outstanding balance. Even the guy from the office didn't understand how I could have a balance due, yet still receive a refund check. After a bit of confusion, we got it figured out. I simply have pay it off when the refund check posts in my account. I had to meet with Olga Catalena (Study Abroad Advisor) to ensure that I have the proper documents. After that, I thought I had a scheduled meeting with Guillermo, but I suppose I was mistaken. We talked briefly about his expectations of me during the semester, so it wasn't a complete waste of time (it is HOT here).

I got Mara's Italian CD's this weekend, but finally started listening to them yesterday. I have not made it past the first CD yet, but the language coming back to me slowly. I think Daniel was right and it will flow back to me without me being aware of it.

After the meetings were over, I spent another day with Schylr and Darlene. We got a tip from Arin about free dinner on campus and headed there before Schy had to go to work. I joined him during his shift and got addicted to a puzzle. He, on the other hand, is now addicted to blogging. Tomorrow is another day...


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