Buon giorno!

I told everyone that my page would be up by August 21. I am making good on my promise. Join me on my adventures as I literally live out a dream.

Though I am not it Italy yet, things are still happening. I leave the country August 29th. There may be a large break in my posting (a few days) but don't fret. I intend to fill everyone in. I will be posting as much as possible, as often as possible. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what is going on. Just because the comment does not appear on the page does not mean I didn't get it. ;)

Godere! [Enjoy!]

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! dont tell me what i said...

hey brandon, steven perez here..
just chiming in..im looking forward to reading your adventures and remembering my own when i was there (2 yrs ago now?) dang! im getting old ! mandi and i are both hoping to go back there soon as RA's put in a good word for us when you get there ! our applications are there and we are waiting from a response from Vanessa..we also know the RA who is there now..her name is Zoe, tell her we say HI !