Brutta copia della Santa Chiara

Of all things, we were not prepared for a water shortage in the center. Did I say shortage? In actuality, the water was completly off in the center. When I say it sucked, I mean it REALLY sucked. We could not shower, bearly go to the bathroom and there was not much to drink. The students made due and "adjusted" to the changes. Photography had to be cancelled because of the lack of water, so I had company during my Tuesday ciesta. Melissa, Haley and I spent time at Hermes Cafe and did more talking.

At dinner, we were better off with a bottle of wine. After dinner, we learned that the water would be on the next day after returning from our field trip. Though we were not happy about it, it was still good news. We took it in stride.

Wedesday's trip to Firenze was a nice distraction from our lack of water. Peter also took me to pick up my computer from the doctor. The report said that I had a total of sixty or more viruses on my computer. But it is all better now, and I simply had to reinstall a number of my drivers.

Guillermo made his appearance right before dinner. I was nervous about his visit, but I was able to learn a lot about the things going on back in the states. After dinner, he spent a little time looking at some of the projects from last week. He was very impressed by the work that was done. At this point, my nerves were at ease.

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