Il mio calcolatore ammalato

So things were going great this weekend. However, I forgot to mention that my computer got a virus. I dunno how, but it has kept my spirits rather low. Most of you know how I feel about my computers and my car. They are like my children. Peter is going to take me to the computer repair place tomorrow, so we can figure out what the problem is.

It seems that things have gotten back to normal after a wild and busy week. Things are still settling
down regarding the presentations that took place last week. I still don't understand how "in the clouds" some of the students can be. At times I think it is an act, but it was something I had not planned on having to worry about during the weekend. Lots of people are still raving about how nice it was. We distributed the grades for the these projects today. It amazes me how conditioned the typical college student can be. Even though you constantly tell the students that the mark they have received in not equivalent to a normal letter grade, they still want to know if the are getting an "A" or "B". I can only laugh at it. For some reason, the seem to think that we carry a bag of grades. Once we give a certain number of A's away, all that is left are B's. Silly students.

As a change of pace, I was able to persuade Peter to hold lecture outside. The weather seemed to be nice during most of the day. But, when it came time for lecture, it got windy and cool. It took all of us by surprise. After class, Peter called the computer doctor and they said my computer would be ready the next day. I still must go a night without my baby.

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