Fu Fluns, Teresa and Cortona

This weekend could not come fast enough. The last few days were pretty stressful and rather full, but I made it thorugh. A number of the students took a trip to Torino. I am taking this weekend to relax and wind down. Besides that, this weekend marks Teresa's 21st Birthday. I spent the day trying to arrange a cake. We wanted to surpise her at midnight such close friends to her.

We spent Saturday in Cortona. We ate lunch at a resturaunt called Fu Fluns. The service was wonderful and we had great meals. After dinner, the group seemed to have gotten split. I spent a lot of with Brandi and Haley in a modern cafe. We talked about art, religion and philosophy. It was cozy and relaxing.

After returning from Cortona (and after dinner) we managed to get Teresa to join us at the Velvet Underground. It was great to have everyone out at the same time. I was happy that we were able to her a great time when she was so far away from friends and family.

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