Venezia: Giorno di Groundhog

Even if you have not seen it, we are all familiar with the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. Basically, it is about a man doomed to repeat the same day over and over again in a town that he hates. Well, at the conclusion of this blog, you will see why I felt like Bill Murray today.

Its not that I don't like Venezia, but today I am really ready to leave. I simply cannot wait to get on the train and head to Barcelona. However, I have found that in order to make it, I will have to spend a night in Milan. I am not happy about this but Andrea (the man that ran our hotel on Lido) helped me find a hotel very near to the station.

Today, we go to Brione & Vicenza. Last time I was in Italy, the Brione Cemetary was my favorite site of them all. The space simply amazed me. It is very aesthetically pleasing and well designed. I simply cannot describe the feeling I got from returning once again. I sincerely hoped everyone loved it as much as I. The trip was great... once again.

As we loaded the buses, we headed to Vicenza. However, during our ride, we changes were being made to accommodate travel schedules. For some reason, it was necessary to call back and forth between buses, counting who was in need of leaving & when. In addition, we got lost... twice. A trip that should have taken 30min, ended up taking about an hour. By the time we arrived, one bus had to head back to Venice in order for those students to catch trains or plane. The other bus stayed for and how so the students could see the sites here. The hitch... they were on their own. All of the profs went to check into their hotels, or left so we were left to fend for ourselves. Christina, Rosanna and I walked through the town and ate far too much. Eventually, the time came for us to head back to Venezia (the place I could not wait to leave). I walked with Kendra and "The girls" to ensure they made it to their respective locations via vaporetto. Upon reserving my train to Milan, I found that I had the last reservation making it cost far more than what I intended. I finally made it to my train and got on. However, this trip to Milan (a city I did not want to go to) was not going to be short. About an hour into the train ride the train stopped. I looked out of the window just as the conductor announced that we had arrived in Vicenza. Can I EVER get out of this city?

I was quite happy when I arrived in Milan (because it was not Venezia). I checked into my hotel and debated getting something to eat. I knew breakfast was free and it was already late. The hotel was very nice, so I decided to wait on the food. The great thing about this place was that you could pay ten euro for 24 hours of unlimited movies. I made the purchase and began watching Jarhead. It is a lot better the second time around. I fell asleep shortly after that. Milan isn't so bad after all. At least Hotel Soperga wasn't that bad.

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