Back by popular demand...

I thought I would start this blog with a quote so that everyone can get back to the nature of my writings. Its still me. I still have lots on my mind. I am still striving to find the good in all things. I am blogging again, but for the time being the language will remain in English. That is until I get to 'go back home.'

As many of you can see, quite a bit of time has passed since I maintained a blog. Much has happened in this time. Some of you wondered why I suddenly 'stopped writing.' Many of you guessed correctly, so I will leave it at that. In the meantime, you are blessed to have a VERY brief summary of what I have been up to. Hear goes another stream of conscience entry...

Returned to the states
Whirlwind semester of hard work and fun times
Made some really good friendships
Enjoyed being the 'sole resident' in a great apartment
Eldest sister marries in February (not a pretty occasion)
Gained a second residence at Langford
Spring break in Houston with Aisha and Galveston with Princess Olivia
Ended the semester with a bang
Took my last walks on TAMU campus
Took a trip to Belize
Moved to North Dallas
Kiah passes on June 8, 2007 (a secret kept from me until the funeral)
Sister and I begin reconciliation
Started at Corgan June 11, 2007
Discovered the Duck and preferred to keep my distance
I don't drunk dial, I drunk text (Hey ASE!)
Camilla begins having a hard time
Miaya Eloise is born September 6, 2007
Mother has knee surgery (I really hate hospitals)
Where did ASE go?
Camilla moves to Austin
No Spring break for Hep
Work keeps me adequately busy
Princess Miaya has a great Easter
Hey K Kid
Brandon Hepburn, LEED AP
Congrats Kofi and T
Oh, there's ASE
Congrats Eric and Courtney
Happy Birthday?
Ouch, ASE (quit breaking my heart)
Happy 21st KK
Ft. Worth rendezvous. (Nice to meet you CalS)
Dark Knight is the best Batman, yet
Start on personal projects
No time for anything (thanks G and Dani)
Work, read, run, work read, run
Happy 1st Miaya
Happy 10th Micah (That boy is popular)
Wow, I am getting healthy again
Personal projects get hard (I'm going back to Cali... nah, I don't think so)
Welcome, President Barack Obama
Great, the Duck is back and he has brought his friend Eagle (good one Wiggz)
Turkey Trot and crutches (more info coming soon)

This brings me to now... welcome back to my life.

"Who else could take five years off, Cold turkey, come back, and fly lids off?"
- Mase (Lean Back, Terror Squad)

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