Lunes 6.3

Today, we went to the feeding center in a Buen Samaritano. As we walked up the hill we were greeted by lots of faces that remembered us from previous visits. I was happy to see them again and have the chance to meet new faces. This time, we served lunch to the children and spent free time with them.
First, I met Jennifer. She led us in a game of Bailo. This has been my favorite hand game since 2012. As we played, I was trying to be fair and not beat children at a children's game. However, Jennifer would not allow me to bow out gracefully. Even when I tried to make it seem like I lost, she would declare me the winner. It was actually funny. All the other kids took their losses well. Well, except for Alan Greene (one of our elders). We were the last two left. She declared me the winner even though I accidentally skipped a number in Spanish. I didn't cheat on purpose, but I got away with in and was declared winner.

Next, I met Dana. She was into playing one-on-one hand games. Well played a game where you do the motions in repetition, getting faster and faster each time. We had so much fun. We could even do it with our eyes closed.

After leaving the feeding center, we went to Casa de Esperanza to do work on the property. We moved rocks and debris that clogged a waterway causing flooding. We pulled weeds and prepared an area for gardening. The most difficult task was scrubbing the inside of Matt and Nicole's home to prepare for Haley's return from the hospital. Unfortunately, we are not qualified to do this work so this task was not completed. But we have such faith in God and love for Haley that we made an attempt.

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