Let's hear it for the boys- Firenze for a Day

Friday was presentation day. I think it went a lot smoother than anticipated. Some of the projects that had great potential were a bit disappointing and vice-versa. Overall, however, I think all of the groups grasped the lesson from this project. However, I don't think they all understand that they did a good job. A few of the groups did not work together very well.

That night, I saw no problem in going out with the students to celebrate their regained freedom. We began at the Loggia and ended at the Garden Underground. However, some students felt a bit more liberated than others. It wasn't too embarrassing, but there were few students that did a bit too much celebrating. I was happy to have Matt, Dan and Mark there to help me keep things under control.

It seems like these three guys are always together and always letting me "tag along". We took a trip to Firenze to handle a few things. Matt wanted to get a leather jacket and Dan wanted to get some t-shirts. We ended up falling into this great store that told us all about the discounted merchandise available to us because we are not from Europe. Due to the reduced prices, Dan bought a leather jacket as well. After that, we visited a few other stores in town. These stores turned out not to be what we thought. In the end, we bought our t-shirts from a tourist stand.

As soon as we got back on the train in Firenze, rain began to pour down. However, we decided to brave the weather and not get a taxi. When we arrived in Castiglion, the rain came down harder and we ran into Reilly and Sara. The two of them were not prepared for wet weather. We shared our umbrellas and jackets with them as we trekked back to the center.

Saturday evening, we were presented with the opportunity to watch a movie in the theatre. They guys wanted to watch one movie, but the girls (with me and Dan) out-voted them and we watch "The Sound of Music". It was a good movie, but not as good as they made it sound. It was very touching, but no tears reached my eyes. It was simply mediocre.

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