Not too much

Nothing much happened Sunday. I spent time around the center. I relaxed and made plans for the coming trip to Rome. I suppose the guys got their wishes fulfilled after dinner. We were treated "Gladiator" in the theatre. Though most of us have seen it numerous times, the movie still retained an amazing turnout. It hyped everyone up to see the Coliseum in Rome.

Monday, was filled with preparation as well. I think we literally attended every class offered by the College today. We were so worn by the time dinner came. After dinner, Melissa, Brandi, Teresa and I set out to do our laundry. However, instead of walking, we opted to get a cab. When the vehicle showed up, the driver was none other than Filippo. This is the same driver that was hired by the center in 2002 to transport the ARCH students to the project's site. It was great to see him and he gave us a great price for the fare.

At the Laundromat, I had time to get to know the girls a bit better. We got gelato next door. We also read and joked around. It was great to do my own laundry again, but the company I was with made it better. The walk back did not last as long as I thought it would. I think I may make this journey a habit (especially if laundry day keeps turning out the same).

Now, on to Roma...

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David Z. said...

I think Brandon has too much time on his hands. Stop blogging and get back to work! ;-)