S.A.D. not this year, try S.A.W.

The weekend started on Wednesday for me. I took a trip to CS for recruiting. David Z. and I rode separately, so I got to rent a sweet ride. I got a Cobalt, but it was red. No big deal because it is a Cobalt... or so I thought. I never new the roller coaster weekend I had in store.
Talk about being the ultimate idiot. I was on the phone with K Kid at about 2am, Thursday. As we were talking she said something about being us being in a relationship. To which I said, "We're in a relationship?" How dumb a statement was that?

Since I could not track Sandy down in CS, I went for sushi with Georgina and Arin. Afterwards, we saw ___ and then Arin and I turned in for the night. But not before enjoying concretes from Shakes. When we got back to her place, we stayed up for about an hour talking about texting and relationships. My opinion is that texting is too impersonal for relationships. It allows too many opportunities for 'outs. At this point, she said I should see
He's Not That Into You. I said I would, but I would have to read the book first.I never felt so empty on a S.A.D as I did this year. This was not only do to the fact that I was single. Other events have added to this years depression.

First, I was pulled over by the police on my way from CS. I was talking on my phone (ear piece in use) with Greg when a trooper pulled behind me. He claimed I was speeding and I KNOW I wasn't, but I had not energy to argue and took it. I called Greg back and proceeded with the remainder of my journey home.Later that day, I could not get in touch with K. Her phone was out of commission. Instead I talked to her mom because I thought she may be feeling down during this weekend as well. Apparently, she has been unable to get in touch with K as well. Ain't that something. Well, we wished each other a good day and moved on.

I never really finished writing this story and I don't remember all of the events at this time.  I can summarize:

A week later, my car lost it transmission while coming home from a movie with Micah.  A tow truck took me home.  If repairs were more than $2000, I was going to get a new car.  This was the ultimate result.  I now drive a 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt named Flux!

A few weeks after that, I found that K did had 'issues' with monogamy.  To save my heart, I had to let that relationship go.  I think if her from time to time because she was kind.  But I don't think it was completely safe for me.  I have been rather guarded since. 

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