Daily Pat Down

This week, I caught up with an old friend. He is recently married. We talked about how his 'Daily Pat Down" has changed post-nuptials. I suppose I should explain. Before walking out of the house, most guys perform a routine pat down. Keys, phone, wallet. When you become married (and/or if you are an Aggie) this ritual gets modified to include a ring. There is no way we can make it through the day without these items. They are basic but without them we may feel naked... lost.

Well, as of late I have added an item to my list. (No I have not gotten married.) I have a little baby blue bracelet with a wood bar and the word "Hope" engraved on it. Without this little reminder throughout the day, I would definitely feel lost. I acquired this bracelet before my recent mission trip. However, it has come to mean so much more to me since.

In the past, I would see those less fortunate than me and think, "Boy they must think God has dealt them a bad hand. How do they know God loves them too? Can I show them?" Nine times out of ten, their faith is much stronger than mine. They see God's love in the simplest things. Yet for me, it would take a punch in the face for me to feel God's presence. That is, until I acquired my hope bracelet. It has not (and will not) become my idol. Instead, it has become part of my daily pat down. As I start each day, it reminds me to thank God for ALL of the blessing He has given me and my loved ones. I pray, that you decide to change you pat down in a similar manner.

"I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth."- Psalm 34:1

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katelyn hinton said...

I cannot leave the house without wearing my Hope bracelet! I freak out if I'm not wearing it (which rarely happens) but my heart sinks to my stomach if it falls off. I need a better tying system! But anyway... I know what you mean. It has become part of my daily ritual.