What to post?

I have had a had time deciding what to post. I have stuff on my mind personally and spiritually. All of it is really too much to post and needs some back and forth. Instead, I'll share glimpses of them all.

Some of the Spiritual
I was talking with a friend recently about life. As far as I understand, he is a Christian. He is in a position to minister to a LOT of people. Not only by interaction, but example as well. However, in the course of our conversation he said something that took me in a completely different direction. Because I can not remember his exact words, please accept my paraphrase for sake of discussion: I am going to be me not matter what anyone thinks. I would have praised him if he meant, he was going to be a Christian against all odds. However, he was actually saying, "I am a Christian, but there are things that have not changed within me and I don't think they ever will. Nor will I try to encourage others to adjust their lives." This troubles me.
Personally, my acceptance and further understanding of Christ and God's Plan made me want to change my life. Those that I talk to regularly, know how I love to share personal testimonies of what God does for me daily (it took awhile for me to accept it and get to that point). I welcome changes God has made in me. I see ways to make my life resemble that of Jesus' so that I can be one of his disciples. Joel said something in a sermon a few weeks back. "Have you become someone that people will approach when they have a question about Christ?" This is a pretty big part of being a disciple.
I ask you to pray for this individual.

A lot more of the Personal

I have to give a shout out to Nate and Kate (Nathan Bacon and Katelyn Hinton) for coming to Dallas and allowing Joel, Josue, Debbie and me to live like college students again. Good luck in the upcoming year. Play hard and study hard. Let your light shine for all the world to see.

I collect quotes that I like to call "Little Nuggets of Wisdom". For about 8 years, I have been writing them down in a journal. I hope to one day publish it (for personal preservation) or give it to my nephew (if I have decided it is finished at a good time). Most of the quotes are from books, movies or conversation. However, I have included an original here and there. The other night, one of my originals came to mind (it happens to be first in the book). Of course no details, but I thought I would share it. I'll end this blog entry with it. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think or what you think it means. I'll try to approve comments as quickly as I can. Enjoy!
Twas never had my soul to writ
Of pain feeling such sorrow
Than that on a Throne of Anguish sit
Throughout the day and morrow

For Companionship my Heart doth cry
Out to Its bitter end
Long for the need of Love to die
Save the want for Its True Friend

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