Esperanza para Honduras

I just could not sleep past 6:30. I woke three time before then and finally gave in. I dressed, brushed and began to complete my packing. The end of the trip has arrived and I realize I want to do more. I feel a small impact with every act of service, but I think I my gift lies in working with kids.

Joel has talked with Marc about the activities for our next visit. They include renovations to the church and the boy's home. He told us this last night as we 'debriefed' the group from Skillman.

Our journey home was no piece of cake. At first, we thought we'd miss breakfast and rush our goodbyes. But we were just being anxious.  When will we learn to live more like the Hondurans? We arrived with ample time before departure, however our plane was not ready for us. When we finally took off, we were twenty minutes behind schedule. Obviously, this stressed me.

Upon arrival in Miami, we made a mad dash for passport control. Ben, Clark and I turned it into a footrace. In retrospect, that was not a good idea considering my hamstring has been bothering me. Our group got split at baggage claim, but eventually we all boarded the plane.

As we de-boarded in Dallas,  we were greeted with open arms by everyone. There were cheers, hugs and smiles. We were happy to be back, but part of my heart will always be with those I met in Hondo!

The trip is over and all I can do is think about the impacts of our work. Not only on the lives of the people we served, but on us as well. Specifically, I am thinking of how it has affected my ideology.

Recently, I have struggled with God allowing suffering. I just can't fathom a loving God that would allow the innocent to feel pain at random. Through no fault of their own, but pure chance they are dropped into environments where poverty, hunger, disease and abuse are regular parts of life. While others live a life a prosperity, gluttony, health and peace. Why?

In discussing this with a close friend, they concluded (not ultimately) that is it hard to bring another being into this fallen world. I could not help but agree. I would not want to be part of a system that set the innocent on a path of sure failure. It seems selfish, conceited and evil.

I struggle but this trip has given me hope. Maybe I am focusing too much on the pain in these situations and not enough on the progress. Wherever there is an Anahi- poor, afraid and alone. There is someone like Jessica- joyous, loving and persevering. There are Gabriels, but there are also Minors to look after him. You have people like Karol and Kelin. Due to their faith in God, they have found the fortitude to deal with the hand they were dealt. Now, they are both in college working to become more than their past. Through love and support of Marc they will be in a position to do someone about their surroundings.

I have not reconciled the existence of the cosmic lottery. But I have found that focus and faith in God's plan, the love of Christ and the strength of the Holy Spirit can get us through.

Thank you for supporting my blog this year. I look forward to writing more as things develop. God bless you all.

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."- Jeremiah 29:11

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