Oraciones Especiales

This week has been a rough one.  I only ask for two prayers and then I will let you go:

1.  My best friend Camilla has had serious issues with her pregnancy.  The doctor prescribed bed rest.  Right now we hope it is just until June, but it could be for the duration of the pregnancy.  That sounds easy, except she is due in September.  She can't go ANYWHERE.  Please pray that things are well and she in countinually surrounded by people who love her and can take her mind off of the situation.  Baby Chloe Website

2.  I only have a month left to get funds meet payments for Honduras.  I am a little less than $1000 short and have no idea where the funds can come from.  In addition, I have no leads for getting a donation for a play surface at the boys home.  If you know of a company willing to donate please let me know. Hope for Honduras 2013 Letter.

I apologize for filling this post with 'worries,' but that is where my mind is right now.
Thanks again for your continued prayers.

"And whatsoever we ask , we receive of him, because we keephis commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight."- 1 John 3:22

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