Best laid plans...

We are off! However, we have not started as we intended. Each year we have a funny story where someone almost gets left behind. Mission trips at Skillman seem to develop a common theme.

This year someone got left. Joel (our pulpit minister) was in Turkey prior to our Honduras trip. While at the airport in Turkey, the employees at check-in lost his passport. He is unable to travel with us. That brought our team of 19 down to 18. Another member opted to stay behind as well for personal reasons. In short, we are a group of 17, with Josue and Kristin leading the charge. I am not worried, I think we are in God hands.

I am grateful to everyone that was instrumental in the trip this year. A special thanks to Skillman Church and an anonymous donor for topping off my sponsorship when I had almost lost hope. I also want to thank Elaine for being so great to me, taking time after her long shift to bring me to the church and see me off.

Please continue to pray for our group.

(I am blogging from a new app on my phone, so I may have to format when I get back. Also, I will be writing everyday, but post will be made whenever I can get a WiFi connection.)

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