Obra de Dios

Lots of things have happened related our friends in Honduras that have brought clouds to our pending trip.  I head to Tegucigalpa next week, but I am also in an ominous state of doubt.  Two major events have occurred in Honduras affecting out trip.  Both events caused me to highly introspective.  I will try to share what I can here.  I am open to sharing details in person.


It started with a random dream that I call “Pitufo”.  This is Spanish for ‘smurf’ and it is the name the Karla Sandoval had for me while I was in Honduras last year.  Karla was one of the young ladies employed by the Tindalls.  Before she was a teenager Karla’s life was headed in a bad direction.  This young soul was full of joy, but her circumstances were bringing her down.  Once in the midst of the Tindalls and visiting missionary groups, Karla became surrounded with positive people with their eyes turned toward heaven.  As a result, Karla’s behavior and perspective took a positive turn.  Though things were not always perfect, she was surrounded by people that truly loved her.  I speak of her in the past-tense because Karla passed away February 2014 due to health complications.  She was not yet a teenager, but she lived a life of experiences that some of us may never see.


The second event happened at the end of March.  Marc Tindall has stepped away from mission work and his family in Honduras.  Though I am not sure where he is going, I hope that God keeps an eye on him.  The part that struck me was my reaction when the news was shared.  “What will happen to the people that depended on him?”  Then I remembered that it was not Marc on whom they depended.  Marc was simply a vessel through whom God was working.  The work in Honduras will continue because it is God’s Work.

As reflected in my previous post, I have had the opportunity to do many service projects in the last fifteen month because of Corgan’s 75/75 program.  When the events ended in March, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough again.  Then a funny thing happened yesterday.   I was pleasantly surprised by a statement made in an email from P. Scott Coldwell.  I hope he doesn’t mind that I have shared the relevant parts below:
Scott: Thanks so much I getting ready to leave LAX for Dallas and trying to get God’s work done, but running out of time fast.
Brandon: God’s work.  Really?  Or is that a nickname?
Scott: Aren’t we all doing God’s work.  You were given a talent and it’s up to you to use it as your creator intended.  Or am I missing something?

Isn’t it great?  When we think God isn’t listening, he speaks to us from amazing places.  Thanks Scott, for giving me perspective.

“Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.  Amen.”- Matthew 28:20

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