Sabado 6.1

Upon arrival in Honduras, we met 5 other people. Dennis & Vicki and Doni are from Antioch, California. Doug & Donna are from Joplin, Missouri. They all mesh well with our group. Once we loaded the buses we were ready to get started.

First, we enjoyed lunch at a mall in the city of Teguchigalpa. Next, we went to Casa de Esperanza to meet with the children in the home. Teri has explained that it is her wish for the kids to really know us on this trip. All of their lives, people have come into and gone from their live at  4-year cycles. Physiologically, it can make them feel alone. Teri also admitted that she won't be around much longer. We have been tasked with changing the cycle for them. There are 19 kids in the home. We have our work cut out for us.

I spent most of my time with Josue, little Josue, Olman, Katy, Marguerite and Yair. I saw Rosie, Noemy, Cindy, Daniella, Jackson, but didn't really spend a lot of time with them. We played futball, keep away and a myriad of other games. Our group just may be perfectly made for the task ahead of us.

After time at Casa, we moved on to the mission house in Ojojona. Though there was a slight mix up with available rooms, we were pleasantly surprised to learn the group currently there was Overland Park (the good friends we credit with getting our Honduras mission off the ground). We caught up with old friends and met new ones that we had heard so much about over the years. Specifically, we learned Olivia Taylor is one of the summer interns. We get to spend the whole week with her again. This was the OP's last night in Honduras. We really wanted to stay up all night with them, but they had a lot of business to cover after devotion and we were tired from travel. 

So far the trip seems to be going smoothly from a mission standpoint. However, all of us are concerned about Haley Fitzgerald  (Matt & Nicole's oldest daughter). She has asthma and has had trouble breathing for almost a week. Things took at turn for the worst tonight, so we are all apprehensive.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” - Psalms 133:1

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