This morning was great… sans ice!

I entered the office today thinking of how hot it will be today.  As I walked to my desk, I relished in the idea of getting a nice cup of ice cold water before logging-in to my computer.  I arrived in the 3rd floor breakroom only to find  the ice maker was broken.  Ugh!  No fretting, I will simply get ice from the second floor for today.  CONFOUNDED!  The ice maker is broken there as well.  A very wise gentleman in the breakroom saw my frustration.  He softly remarked, “There is ice on the first floor.  There was an email written about that.”  I wanted to complain and lash out.  How convenient for the icemakers in this large office to be broken on what may be the hottest day of the summer thus far.  Instead, I thanked him, turned on my heel and trudged to the first floor.

As I walked, I began to think, "How silly I must have looked".  There is so much going on in the world.  Am I really going to allow “my lack of ice” to dictate my mood and reactions today?  I sit all day in a well-conditioned space with free drinks and ice on demand.  There are others down the street (literally) that dread the remainder of the day because they may be battling heat stroke and can do nothing about it.  Thank you, God for the blessings I have each day.  Thank you, very wise gentleman, for reminding me that I should not allow such trivial things to cloud my view of what was otherwise a nice morning.  Sometimes, we need a glimpse of our foolishness to appreciate the blessings before us.

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