Jueves 5.6

I woke up to find a text message that my God-Brother (Vernon C. Broadus III) passed away in the early morning. I felt as if I was reading wrong. Reginald and Alivia were taken too soon. Vernon C. Broadus Jr. died in May. Now this! I don't know that this family can take anymore loss. Honestly, I didn't want anyone to know and I wanted to stay busy all day. I managed to do that, but I still thought about him, his wife (Tara), mother (Diana) and daughter (Alec). Kris is the only one on the trip that knows what is really going on.

We went to the market, distributed food at the feed center and did crafts with the kids. I tried to concentrate on the kids but found I was distracted. My ribs hurt, but it paled compared to my confusion. I couldn't understand exactly what happened. He was fine just yesterday. All I recall is the last time I saw him... At the dance recital. His wife and daughter were on stage together and I was telling him how well I thought they did.

Today was our last day of work. We arrived at our dorm to find the store flooded. I found it easier to comfort Terri than to comfort myself. I was happy to see Karol and Kalin again. They helped clear and clean the store before dinner. Christina showed up also. We roasted marshmallows and caught up. All three of them are still working hard in school. Christina is getting her Master's degree and hopes to return to help Casa one day.

So much happened today, but it us shadowed by the fact that I have to re-enter reality in a few hours. Why this? Why now?

"No I'm not colorblind, I know the world is black and white. Try to keep an open mind, but I just can't sleep on this tonight."- John Mayer

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