Martes 5.3

Kristin gave us some thoughts for devotion this morning. We were all excited about building our first house. She talked about her mindset as she came here each year and left with the work impacting her profoundly.

Bethany- Squirrel
I was excited about building the house, but I was more excited to return to Lomas Diamantes. I hoped that I would remember the kids and they would remember me. As soon as we stepped off I the bus, the kids were ready. I was approached by a group that contained Sue Annie, Daniella, Juan Jose and a few new faces. Later in the day I saw Jessica who seemed to be looking after a little boy. During the excitement of one of the games the boy was accidentally run over by two kids. He was not hurt and did not cry until some of the other boys started pointing and laughing. As soon as I saw him crying I picked him up and brought him to the area where no kids were allowed (to ensure the older boys recognized that their folly allowed him to places they were not allowed.)
"Como te llama?" I asked.
In a very small voice he answered, "Marquito."
Again his voice was soft, "Marquito."
"Marquito? No! Marquito es fuerte! Hablas mas fuerte!"
"Marquito." His voice was slightly stronger.
"Mas fuerte!" I showed him a muscle.
"Marquito!" He was timid but firm, so I put him down.
"Ahora, va a jugar!"
He returned to the game clear eye and a bit stronger. I pray that he will remember that he is strong and the taints if others hurt now more then his fall.

Later, Luis asked Suzanne and I to work on installing the roof. We were both a little surprised, but took on the challenge. Nelson and Joseph did a great job of leading us. Ultimately, we worked well as a team.

I may have bruised my ribs. At one point I was climbing a wall to relay messages from within the house. The house design was recently changed, so the normal footholds were non-existent. I had to support myself on with my arms and core. At one point I leaned on my chest to give my arms a break. It was at this point that I may have bruised my ribs on both sides. I hope they heal quickly. I am itching to build another house. This one took 6 hours though it was most people's first time. I really think we can beat this time.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the midst of mine enemies; thou annointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over."
- Psalm 23:5

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