Lunes 5.2

We went to Hospital Escuela. Our trip seemed to fly by, but it was wonderful. We visited orthopedics, nutrition and oncology. I was worried about having a hard time in oncology. With my history, I wasn't sure if I could handle seeing children with various cancerous conditions. I was afraid to conjure memories of my grandmother and the hope of her recovery that will never be realized. I was surprised at how I was able to handle this. It was a comfort to see the smiles in the children's faces though their bodies were betraying them. I didn't go to the most intense area of the cancer ward, but I think I can save it for another time.

We went back to Casa de Esperanza to clear an area for a wall. In the course of our work, we also handled a number of other chores. This included bike repair, refrigerator sanitation and various other acts of cleaning. If an individual had to handle these things, it would have taken quite some time. As a group, we were able to complete the work fairly quickly. I spent the remaining time with Josue (the twin) riding and working on his bicycle. He is a meek yet headstrong boy. It is hard not to treat him like he is made of glass, but he can be independent when he wants. He is bright and sweet. His illnesses (and possible undiagnosed disorders) seemed to disappear when he was allowed to do his own thing. He really like airplanes and to see the moon. "La luna!" He would yell as he gazed at the heavens. 

I have a feeling Josue is going to be one of the stories we see on the on television. The one where a guy had humble beginnings and achieved in spite of insurmountable odds. And everyone will ask how he was able to do this great thing. He will reply, "It is by Gods grace that he surrounded me with a community that loved and supported me. This community gave me th resources I needed and loved me how I was. for this, I am forever thankful to Him."

"I will praise thee; For I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are they works; and that my soul knoweth right well." Psalm 139:14

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