Miercoles 5.4

Today was dump day. I dreaded the experience because of events from last year. Individuals were unable to download their thoughts because Torch ministries came to visit and took over our devotion. The message was hard to grasp because our minds were on other things. In fact, I could only remember the opening to the message because I was focused on what had happened earlier in the day. However, I resolved to go with the flow and try to talk about effects of the dump on an individual level.
While at the dump, things were very light. The experience was not as harsh as it has been in years past. I met Walter and Kevin while playing odd man out (futbol). They were free spirited and very friendly. After giving a solid body check to Jared, my ribs were extremely sore so I took a break on the feed truck. Next, we had devotion in which Kevin and Walter were more than happy to sing songs. It was fun and uplifting. Finally, we went to the cliff's to see the valley and hills beyond the dump. We had never gone this far into the dump. I was surprised that it became remarkably organized and peaceful once you got far enough behind the initial piles of trash.
Nelson at the Dump
After the dump, we ate lunch at Burger King. This time it was the good one. Thought they still served me the wrong burger, the meal as service were great. Kristin, Suzanne, Bryn and I had a nice time.

Next, we visited Mi Esperanza. This is a place where women can learn trades to make money. Trades include sewing, jewelry, computer skills and various other things that we take for granted. Mi Esperanza is a place that allows these women a safe job in which their work directly benefits the worker. For this reason, the have a store that is 100% stocked by products the women have produced. I used this opportunity to purchase souvenirs. I was a little worried about Kristin in the store. There were so many small pieces cute of jewelry, she could have easily spend $1000. However, she did hold back. She only spent $200.

After Mi Esperanza, we walked through the shops in Ojojona. I was happy to run into Daniel. He is driving a taxi to provide money for his son. It's not much, but it is much more than most men in his situation have done in Honduras. I tried to offer him encouragement. We walked back to the rooms through old town. It was a nice stroll. When we got to the hill, Suzanne Gordon and I decided to jog. It felt so great to run again. My leg seems well (as I prayed). Now, I have to get over my bruised ribs and I can get back into my running groove
Torch joined us for dinner and devotion tonight. It was not as bad as I dreaded. I still had trouble paying attention to the message, but the praise and worship was good. I 'twas happy to catch up with Sisqo and various others that joined us the previous year. After devotion, Bryn, Suzanne, Kevin and I played a very loose game of Scrabble. It was at this time that I also realized Clara reminds me of the girl from "The Ring." It's not all the time, but her hair was wet and down and she was making this face that freaked me out. I think she was getting a kick out of it.

It doesn't appear that many people were highly disturbed by their visit to the dump. I would like to think it is because the situation has improved in this place.

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