Boun Compleanos, Micah e Sonia

I can't remember the next few days very well because I am writing about them two weeks later. I do know that Monday, September 25th was a very hard day to get through. Nothing bad happened, but I spent most of the day anticipating talking on the phone. That is right, I am actually looking forward to talking on the phone. If you have not figured it out, today is Micah's 8th birthday. Imagine how silly you feel when you want the entire day to fly by so that you can talk to an 8 year old for 10 min. on the phone.

When I finally talked to him, we didn't say much. Apparently, he is big enough for his own cell phone. I guess this is good. I don't have to go through a middle man to talk to him now. I have access to him anytime and anyplace. I asked him what he wanted and of course he said some kind of toy. When we finally established that he was not getting one he settled on sportswear. I don't think he realizes how far away I am. Furthermore, I know he does not realize that I am in Italy- campioni del mondo.

Tuesday was funny because it is Sonia's birthday. It is funny because I initially thought it was Sunday. At least I thought it was earlier instead of later. Anyhow, I know I could call her, but I was hoping Aisha would do it for me. However, I got an email from her saying that Sonia was not in New York. She got it in her mind to go to med school... in freakin Isreal. She is going to be there for four years. This put bad thoughts into my head. You know the kind that I mean... permanent resident of Italy-type-thoughts. I think it is in all of our best interest if I ended this message here.

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Shawn Williams said...

Looks like you got this blogging thing down black man. Are you back in the states?