L'isola di Capri- pronounced Ca'-pree

This seems to be the story that everyone has been waiting on. I should preface by saying that there are a lot of things I have not included because you simply had to be there. I can say that this may have been the time of my life. With that said, I want to thank the group I was "with" for keeping me entertained (even when I wasn't). Also, thanks for sharing your pictures. Now, on with the stories.

We finally left Rome. I thought this was going to be a simple "get on the train and sleep" trip to Rome. However, for some reason, our group of five guys increased with the addition of about seven girls. I wasn't too bothered. However, numbers only adds confusion. Thus, the trip there was a bit frustrating. "That is all I have to say about that."

What was great was the way things were flowing into my memory as we walked the streets of Anacapri. As we made our way to the hostel, nostalgia got the best of me as I gazed upon the beauty of the city. This was only the small part, but it held such memories in my heart that it was really hard to hide my excitement. As we walked into the doors of Bussola di Hermes, it was like returning home. I stood in the back as Rita Ferraro gave a sample schedule of sites and events for the group. Not much has changed about her because it still seems like she is able to say everything in one breathe. Then Pasquale came to greet the group. He is still as loving and friendly as I remember. The best part was when I finally revealed who I was to Rita. She was so excited and began to tell me stories of how they have improved and renovated to Hostel (now a hotel) since tragedies of 2002. She advised me to take a personal tour and take pictures if I like. I highly encourage everyone to stay here when visiting Capri. It is affordable and like I said, the staff is the friendliest ever. I shall always return to this location!

Rita recommended that the group goes to eat a pizzeria near the
lighthouse. On our way out, she surprised me with four bottles of free wine. I thought that was great, she told us to enjoy it under the stars on the water. Upon arrival to the lighthouse, I was ready to head to the pizzeria. However, I can not lie, the photo opportunities were amazing because the area was just gorgeous. However, I left my camera in the room, so the pictures shared from that night are courtesy of Dan. I think we may have missed the pizzeria by a few minutes. Instead, we ate at this pretty expensive restaurant close to the water. The food was nice, the company was okay, but once again I have found that large groups are not the best way to travel. A table of twelve is not an easy check to split. "That is all I have to say about that."

After dinner and finishing the bottles if wine, we were going to head back to the hostel. Instead, some wanted to hang out, so I found the Underground and went there for drinks and dancing. Yes, those that know me know I can't dance, but I like to move to music. I dunno why, but everyone seems to think I got the party started that night. It worked to my favor because everyone wanted to dance with me that night. It did wonders for my self-esteem, but I was just happy to have a good time. I was even more happy to meet this really cute girl from Trinity in Connecticut. She is studying fashion in Rome, I just wish I could remember her name!

I guess when I signed up for this trip, I didn't realized that I was part of a "tour group". So you can imagine my surprise the next morning when I heard, "We aren't going to Pompei. We are going to spend another day in Capri." I don't mean to be rude, but I am a grown man. I love Capri, but I missed Pompei last time. Ya'll may not be going to Pompei, but I am going. With that, I found the need to pull an Amistad- "Give us, us free."

The first half of the day I spent shopping with Haley, Melissa and Teresa. But, mainly I was with Teresa. She taught me the art behind her shopping. I suppose now I understand why she (and others) shop so much. Though their method is a complete other thing I probably won't understand. It was great to have time to just talk with her. Later, we caught up with Brandi, Christina and Dan. The group of us bought a boat tour around the island. Included was a swim in the Grotto Verde, numerous facts and a guide (Jerry) so cool that he cause a small tuna while explaining a site. I hope I can post a link to the video soon. As he pulled the boat to the dock, he let out a whistle. We all looked up and found a rather eager dog on the dock quite anxious to join us aboard. It was really cool. After that, we went back to shower and get ready for dinner. Dan and I were tired and expected the girls to take forever to get ready. They certainly surprised us because they were ready an hour before we expected. We really relaxing dinner and arranged to go to the club again. However, this time, the only ones that actually came were Dan and Christina. Mark was kinda mad when Dan and I left a little after midnight. I think he got over it pretty quickly.

The next morning, Dan and I rose early to got to Pompei. Mark decided he wanted to come along as well. Once again, the girls impressed us because they were ready to go a full 15 minutes early. I suppose I can't pick on them for being late all the time anymore. The group set out on a rather adventurous trip to Pompei and ultimately to home to Castiglion Fiorentino. When we finally reached Pompei, I was worried about the heat (no problem). I was worried about the walk (no problem). I was worried about food (no problem). I was worried about securing our bags (no problem). I was worried about getting a good tour guide (problem). The guy we ended up getting was pretty close to horrible. He was an older man named Hector. I don't know why, but he seemed to think they we were only interested in the secret lives of the inhabitants of Pompei. After our tour, I got the idea that the village was a primitive Las Vegas. Furthermore, I felt that the tragedy probably happened due to the wrath of God. I am more assured that all of the life there was not food, money and sex, but this is how the guide made it seem. We were all relieved when the tour was over and reluctant to pay the man.

Now, began our journey home. Due to missed, delayed and cancelled trains, the trip took longer than we had intended. However, this was not the negative part of the journey. Instead, we had to put up with pazzeschi Americani (crazy Americans). Upon seeing this group of six or eight kids from America, our group felt better about how we have adapted to the culture. The pazzeschi Americani were loud, obnoxious, ignorant and foul mouthed. We were even further disappointed to discover that they too were on out connecting train. These students became the topic of discussion for the remainder of the night. When we got to Arezzo, we had to take cabs to make it back to Castiglion, so we didn't have to walk up the hill from the station. During our travel, we kept Sharon informed of our delays, so she had dinner set out for us when we finally made it home... and it really felt like home.


Mara Salas said...

Isn't Capri he most gorgeous Island in Italy, beautiful water...awesome views from everywere!!! I wish I was back there. Hope you tried the Limoncello, famous drink of Italy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Man, How are things? You haven't written in your blog for about a months. I guess you are traveling around Europe. Post some more pics, so that those of us in the States can live through you. Sigma 3