Esta es mi oración

Right now, I am sitting in my bed... thinking. First I thought, this is the last time I will be in my soft bed for a week. For a week, I will be without luxuries that I take for granted on a day to day basis. I can send an email to Mark. I can make a phone call to Greg. I can send a text to Elaine (you read right, TEXT!). I can take a drive to see Micah. Life here is so easy, and I am happy. Now, I am embarking on an adventure... for a week.

My second thought is of where I am going. The inhabitants of my destination are there now and will be there long after I am gone. I am only there a week. The may have a bed (or they may not). Their connectivity is a far cry from anything I have ever experienced. Text? Facebook? Their drives are on unpaved roads. And lets not begin to consider how gas prices affect them. All the luxuries I take for granted... this is their daily life.

So as I sit here on my last night, I open my heart and I pray...

"Dear Lord- my Father who loves me so. I ask you to allow me to be a blessing. Through an outpouring of love, it is more than obvious that it is in your will for me to have this experience. I am humbled that you see that I am fit to move forward and share your love with others. Thank you Lord for all that you have blessed me with. Thank you for loved ones. Thank you for my home, work, food and friends.

Please be with all missionaries around the world. They work daily to let their light shine amongst men. I pray that they are strengthened and encouraged by your presence in their works. I also ask that you be with the specific groups that are traveling for this next wave of activity. Please continue to build us up so that we too can be a positive presence in the lives of those we visit. I also ask that you grant us safe travel, safe stay and safe return.

Lord, this experience is new for many of us. I pray that we are all changed. Please open our eyes to the world while we are abroad and allow us to see through the eyes of a child. Give us the willingness to learn and to share will all whom we come in contact. Release us from the bonds of fear that may hold us from sharing the glory of your love with others.

I ask these things in your Son's name.

One more post state-side and then it will all be from Honduras. Goodnight.

"Hitherto, have ye asked nothing in my name: Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full."- John 16:24

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