El Plan de Dios: Segunda Parte

Things have taken a sharp turn. They told us to be prepared for our plans to change, but this is not what I envisioned. Though I could not smile at the time, I can only laugh at the events of the day. At the same time, God quickly revealed his plan for me.

Needless to say I have learned that nothing I do today is going to go as 'ever-so-properly' planned. Things started at the ticketing counter when the American Airline Agent told me, "I can not clear you to board for Honduras because of your passport's expiration date." I have known that my passport expired toward the end of July. However, to use your passport for travel, it must be valid at least 6 months past your departure date (no mater how short your trip). Who knew? Apparently no one. My world stopped as panic set in. I was only able to think clearly enough to summon Joel for assistance. As I was in shock, Joel was able to keep the agent from completely butchering all of our plans. With a cool head, Joel informed her that she was going to clear me to Miami and allow US to solve this problem.

I endured the two hour flight to Miami through prayer and following the lead of Josue. We were knocked out before the plane took off. I was awake for a total of 20 minutes the entire flight. I spent this time praying that God intervene in the situation.

The plane touched down and I completed a prayer when, there was a sudden cry of confusion from my immediate left. The gentleman that sat across the aisle from me had risen from his seat and froze in a fit of terror. His family sat in shock as he experienced what could only be a paralyzingly seizure. He continued to cry out as passengers looked on in fear. In the chaos, I managed to yell, "Kristen, come help!" Josue managed to put last names to this utterance. Kristen A., Kristen S. and Barbara Gray (Skillman nurses) came to the mans aid as we pulled into our gate and waited with him until paramedics arrived.

Though eerie and sad, this bought me time to call the passport office to check on my situation. To obtain the proper passport, I would have to visit this office under an appointment. Unfortunately, the first appointment they had was July 7. Once again, hope began to fade away. However, God was still moving.

After more brainstorming we found the best thing was for me to stay in Miami, find the earliest flight and change my reservation. Next, I would have to visit the passport office on Monday morning and have a new passport expedited. All I was thinking was how expensive this was going to be. We parted ways in a bitter sweet manner. I was happy the group was able to to on, but I wanted to be with them.

First, I visited the AA ticket counter and explained the situation. This time, the agent was very kind and quite helpful. She explained that the situation was not my fault and AA does not charge for revising reservations in this type of situation. My reservation was set for Tuesday. Next, Debbie, Josue and Alan Green stepped in to help me secure a hotel room at a Sheraton with a good rate. Later, I was able to talk to James Smith who walked me through the basic procedure to get a new passport. Currently, all I could do was obtain a passport picture. The clouds of my experience were beginning to disappear.

On a whim, I decided to call Meshallyn to see how my nephew's baseball tournament was going. After telling her the situation, she told me my Aunt Sharon lived here and would be mode than happy to see me. For years, it has been difficult for me to contact this side of my family for emotional reasons. However, I think God put me in this situation to push me a little in the direction of the Christian path. Ain't Sharon was very happy to hear from me. She and my cousins will be coming to visit tomorrow afternoon. I won't be able to participate in a worship service, but I will be able to become a better person.

Upon arrival to my hotel I had two hours to kill until check-in. I decided to walk to the nearest Walgreens. It wasn't bad, but should have changed into my running cloths before leaving. I arrived in a dripping sweat. However, I was determined. I purchased baby wipes to clean myself up and requested my passport pictures. The lady said (in very broken English), "You can not take picture in t-shirt with no collar. Office will not accept." I pleaded with her because I was wearing on of the best shirts I had (remember part one of this entry). She took pity on me. She and her manager let me borrow a polo shirt to take my photo. Mission accomplished!

Finally, I was back in a positive mood. All I wanted to do was check into my room and shower. I patiently waited to check into my room. At this point, I was able to laugh at the situation. As checked in, another young lady was checking in at the same time. They had us queued because they were experiencing difficulties with their system. I received my key and went to my room. Upon entry, the first thing I say was a baby gecko scurry up the wall. I left the door open to track and catch it. As I searched, I heard footsteps stop at my door. Then, the voice of the girl from the lobby uttered, "I think she booked us in the same room." To which I replied, "I would let you have this one, if I wasn't trying to track down a gecko."

So here I am, typing as Dark Knight plays on TNT. I slept most of the day away. But I have learned that even in the darkest hour, God will be with me. He will also use the situation and his children to bring me to a better place than I planned to be. I am praying that my visit with my aunt and her children is a positive on. Goodnight everyone.

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." -Jeremiah 29:11

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