Here we go...

Well everyone, the adventure starts here. Most of you may think that this post is late. In a way you are right. But after I tell you yesterday's events, you will see why.

I spent my last day in College Station running errands. At 6:50am, I woke to see if Mara and Regina wished to go to breakfast. They were already going to be up pulling tickets for the first game. They were too tired and preferred to go back to sleep after their long wait in line. I arose shortly after to go to campus. Prof. Lang wanted me to bring a number of programs with me on the plane. This, however, was not possible because of the Universities policy of software distribution.

Next, I found Georgina. I helped her find and access her studio in the Williams Building (lucky her). I thought it would work to be there since I need to meet with Dr. Johnson for my final study forms. After learning that we would meet closer to lunch, I decided to make a visit to Dr. Larke's office. It was great to see him again. He encouraged me to remain focused and myself while I was in a different environment. He then blessed me with a generous donation. I did not realize how generous until later in the day. (Thanks Dr. Larke).

I had lunch with Georgina and Mara, but before that assisted them in "pre-arranging" their studio. I had fun spending time with them for so much time. Specifically, it seems like I hadn't been able to talk to Georgina in forever, and we were able to do a lot of catching up (though it never seems like enough). After their studio was over, we all went out for a wacky evening at Cheddars.

If you notice, none of these blogs mention packing! That is because I decided to wait until the very last minute to pack. This was NOT a good idea. I started right after dinner and took a break to hang out with Georgina for awhile. I was there and got very sleepy. Schylr finally called to pick me up and brought me back home to continue packing. I just finished about 20min ago. Would you go to sleep? Hmmm...

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