Un comienzo de Honduras

In Honduras, 7:00am really means 8:30. Though I woke at 5:30, that is the time we really got on the road. I wasn't too upset because I was able to drink three cups of the amazing Honduran coffee. It is so addicting and I don't even drink coffee.

Our first stop was to the limber yard. On the way, we picked up Josue 2.0. It was great to talk with him. He loves to talk. We all joked about driving and GPS in the US and in Honduras. Going through the limber yard was fun. We picked out our exact pieces and the people we nice and helpful. Apparently, the yard from yesterday did not have such great service. However, we were stopped on our way out because the yard inspector wanted to recount our pieces three times. Josue 2.0 and Mr. Smith were not happy about that.

The build still took longer than expected, but the decision making was better. Each person completed tasks as needed and looked for the next thing. The swings and platform were completed quickly. The time consumers were the benches. For the bulk of that time, Brian and I were visiting patients in the hospital. I found myself completely out of my element at first. After I learned how much the kids lobe 'bombas' I was a hit. I thought up all sorts of silly ways to blow up the balloons. I pretty much made a complete fool of myself to get a few smiles from some sick children. I think it was worth it. I had fun.

When we returned I was anxious to finish so I could get pictures of the finished product. I think everyone was else was too. Before we finished, the head nurses came to thank us and asked if a few children could come and play. They arrived just as we finished cleaning. At the same time, it began to rain. The words she said were so great that I was in tears. Click the following link to see what she said. Translation was performed by Josue 1.0.

Nurse Lydia's Speech

Marc led devotion. He shared his path through Christianity up to now. He told us of his reasons and reservations for moving to Honduras. Then he challenged us to write and remember our testimonies. We sang a few more songs and then hung out for awhile. I am already starting to miss my new friends. I decided to take some random shots of them to make a collage.

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." -Matthew 5:6

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