El Viaje Comienza...

I have concluded that the day of travel is going to be filled with adventure each year.  The main group was delayed during check-in for reasons we still have not figured out. Joel and Debbie were held because a United Airlines employee seemed to think they needed a visa to visit Honduras. After all stories were shared we felt Satan was at work, using the airline employees to keep us from our mission.

Ultimately, we made it to Honduras and our transport from the airport to San Sebastian (our lodging) went smoothly. Marc introduced Heidi as one of our guides for the year. Josue seems to know her already and she seems very energetic.  The crew from Overland Park landed an hour after us. It was lovely to see John, Jerry, Ann and Olivia once more.

Our first stop was to the mall food court. Heidi recommended a great burrito shop. I loved the burrito. I was also surprised to enjoy the sweet juice so much.

Our next stop, was to a house building site. The group from Tennessee was already finishing up the first house for a family. When we arrived we were instructed to pull out some toys because there were a 'kazillion' kids to play with. We started with balloons and bubbles. Then I met David and played frisbee with him. He picked up pretty fast and LOVED it. I also got to set foot in one of then houses for the first time. The video is posted below:

After this we went to San Sebastian to check into our rooms and freshen up. While settling in we discovered a large bees' nest outside of our room.  As a result, he men moved into the single chalet at the front of the property. I made no secret of my extreme fear of bees and my lack of desire to overcome it this week.

We had dinner at Cafe De Gringos. It was established by Byron-  a former employee of Marc. We also talked with Nicole (Marc's daughter), Matt (Nicole's husband) and Haley (their daughter).  Our table shared some desserts. However, Debbie and I were frustrated because we got our Sombras (Sopressas) well after our meal. Sombras are very sugary smoothies (maybe healthy?)

After dinner, Marc led a brief devotion talking about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. His focus was how service is our way of showing a small piece of the great love that was shown to us. Afterward, we communed together. I found it fulfilling to commune with people whose names I still do not know and do not live near. This is another sign that Jesus died for all of us. Wondrous.

I don't know why, but I fell asleep right away! I think it was around 8:30pm. Tomorrow, the work starts.

"Doubtless ye shall not come into the land..."- Numbers 14:30 (used terribly out of context to represent the thoughts of the airline employees)

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