Viernes 4.7

It has been four years and I have never been to the market. The group is given money and a specific amount of food to purchase. Our goal is to barter in order to get the best price for our food.
So there wasn't much bargaining to do on our side. Lydia knew the lady already and always gives her a good price. Maybe next year.
We ate lunch at the market. There wasn't much to eat outside of pork, so I am not going I feel top notch for the rest of the night. I hung out with Catherine (Cat)- Sharon's daughter for lunch and we walked around for awhile. I think Cat and Sharon are pretty neat.
I don't know where we are giving this food away, but it is taking forever to get there. There has been a lot of traffic all day. I think I have taken 3 maps while riding to this site.

The trip was long, but well worth it. As it turn out, we gave food  Aguaquital. This is the same community in which we built a church last year. I got a picture of the board everyone signed.
It is also the last place we saw Kristin. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the child that will be taking care of her now.
We had catered tacos for dinner. They were good, but I was pretty full from the food from the day. So I was not in the best mood when Dan told us to simply take what they had given us. I didn't want all that food and I felt wasteful. However, Terri had a great idea. I have the pork taco to Alan. When I are all that I could, there was still enough to give Tibby (the dog) a decent meal.

Josh gave the message at devotion. He did a great job. It was short, but the passing of the ball was long again. I think James Smith had the right idea when he began this activity. It is a good way for missionaries to talk about their experiences, focus on the work before them and talk through their struggles.

The rest evening was a bit uneventful. I was rather withdrawn because I don't want to leave my new friends. I am not sure which relationships will continue and which will fade away. However, I have hope the the healthy ones will remain.

"And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." -Matthew 16:18 

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